George Y. Kussumoto

What I'm doing now

So, Hacktoberfest is on. I was not all that excited to participate, but I've completed the 4 pull-requests in the first week of October. In the end, we need to move out of our daily context to get a little bit of extra motivation.

It did not work at all.

So I started to investigate other things that I could do. I was feeling this kind of urge to do something outside programming or anything that is remotely related to work. At the same time, I feel that I need to update this website theme.

I don't really remember how, but I end up watching a series of youtube videos about watercolor. And here I am with a basic kit and trying to achieve something that doesn't hurt my eyes.

I'll probably write something about it in the future. Let's see how it goes.

At the end of October I'll be attending PythonBrasil. It's always good to visit some old friends. From the technical perspective I don't really care, it's all about the people.

~ ✌️

Last updated on Octotober 9th, 2019.

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